Business as Your Focus. IT Management is Ours

Problems with businesses today are revolving around finding effective way in externally expanding for growth and, at the same time, efficiently managing company’s internal resources. Our service takes care of your technological resources in order for you to focus on what matters, the business.

At one of our client, we witness that taking over a family business across generations is challenging. The company culture has been rooted for decades. The system and procedure have been running with no question asked. The people’s behavior has been firmly shaped. But when those factors are not evolving, they are no longer relevant to today’s business world. Thus, the business is declining.

While our client has been successful in saving the sinking boat, there is a success story to share on how to run a business that evolves using simple, practical, yet relevant technology that we manage.


Communication Tool

Short Messaging Service, pagers, or letters were business communication tool of the past. Not only have they had limitation on the long delivery time to the receiver, but also content constraint. It has become primary necessities for businesses to exchange information in multi forms, such as text, image, video, etc.

Shortly after recognizing this crucial need, the next generation of owner quickly set the new tool of communication: email. Consequently, changes are needed in managing this new communication tool. Previously, mailboxes and containers are provided for organizing letters within the company. But since there is an additional tool of communication, online domain and email client software are introduced and need to be managed.

While we are assuring this communication to work well, results are noticed: communication is made more effective from the company to its suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.


People Development

For us, it is our job to set up and maintain the client’s email accounts and servers. But imposing new approach for the employees to fully utilize them is another challenge. Change in an organization usually comes with extreme reluctance from the people. People fear change.

Our holistic solution does not only focus on setting up applicable technology to improve business process, but we also realize that without people, technology is dead. Therefore, we train and develop people. As the employees learn and adapt, we show them the advantages and efficiency gained until their fear faded.



Trusting the whole IT operational in our hand, now the business is bouncing back into the game. The owner is saving time and money by not having to hire hardware, software, network guys which would otherwise become fixed monthly cost. Instead, the whole IT department functions are outsourced. We have more than capable IT experts to run maintenance on all the IT resources, including developing the users, the people who interacts with technology. Thus, one less department for the owner to take care of, more time and thought could be put for the business development.



When you focus developing your business, our service intertwines your company resources with technology to internally support good IT management and externally pushes business growth.


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