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chat business online analytics technology
  Receiving chat from a customer is one highly potential lead in closing a deal. How do we measure our business performance in handling chat via WhatsApp, as currently the most popular chatting platform in Indonesia? When chat traffic increases, sellers start to think how to efficiently serve their customers […]

Whatsapp Chat Analytics by SOFTWORK

process improvement system
We realize online retailers require different point of sales (PoS) system. Common PoS for brick-and-mortar store might not suit online business process anymore. Implementation of this enhanced system is proven to save time and resources for our client. We enhance our existing point of sales system to support online transaction. […]

Point of Sales for Online Retail Business

Managing offline store is different with managing online store. An e-commerce needs different sales channel, different set of tools, and different process synchronization. Thus, we are here to share our experience boosting 50% sales by redefining an e-commerce management. An overview from both management and technology point of view. ecommerce e-commerce management […]

E-commerce. Offline vs Online Business

  Our client would reduce 50% of the entry process from two times entry to one time entry. And we make it happen by integrating EDC payment to our POS   As we might have observed, cashier deals with these many things during just four minutes of average transaction time […]

Cashier System : Automated EDC Payment

machine learning artificial intelligence technology
Machine Learning, as any kind of learning, is a 2-step process : 1. Training is when your machine learns as you give the training. (like when you study at home) 2. Performing is when your machine performs and give output as how you trained it. (like when you go to […]

Machine Learning : Artificial Intelligence

Live up your dream in real world surrounding you. We put Augmented Reality technology in practice, down to earth, for your product, customers, students, business, and other endless possibilities. No download, no installation, no special device. You have got everything to make your dream a reality. augmented reality model 3d […]

Augmented Reality : Endless Possibilities

Rotate, spin, and visualize your product 360º using Product360 integrated solution by MDK. Bring value by providing interactive and enticing product presentation on your ecommerce website, online marketing catalog or photography service. Increase sales! Handy marketing catalog on your hand! Value-added photography service! Click here to see Product360 demo. product360 […]

Product360. Because a picture is not enough

Mitra Dinamika Konsultan - Business, Accounting, and Technology Consultant
Running a growing business needs domain expertise for each function that supports the business, such as different administrator for servers, networks, digital marketing, etc. It is more economically suitable to hire servicing companies that already are expert on their domain rather than investing on technical employee recruitment and training. As […]

Technology Management Missing Needs

Mitra Dinamika Konsultan - Business, Accounting, and Technology Consultant
Implementing outdated technology does not provide holistic solution for a business. Although it could solve business problems partially, dated software would not last very long. Besides, many manual works are still required. As a result, business automation objective is not met. Our solution offers comprehensive solution to tackle overall business […]

Competitive Advantage through Technology

Mitra Dinamika Konsultan - Business, Accounting, and Technology Consultant
Problems with businesses today are revolving around finding effective way in externally expanding for growth and, at the same time, efficiently managing company’s internal resources. Our service takes care of your technological resources in order for you to focus on what matters, the business. At one of our client, we […]

Business as Your Focus. IT Management is Ours