Competitive Advantage through Technology

Implementing outdated technology does not provide holistic solution for a business. Although it could solve business problems partially, dated software would not last very long. Besides, many manual works are still required. As a result, business automation objective is not met.

Our solution offers comprehensive solution to tackle overall business problems using the most suitable, modern, and more importantly, applicable technology. The focus of our software development is not to make fancy hi-tech software but it is to thoroughly examine, analyze, and automate individual processes in order to ultimately achieve overall business process efficiency for the whole organization.



Experiencing the situation, our client was having difficult time managing more than a dozen branches which are scattered across cities and provinces. Before improvements were introduces, data consolidation from these multiple outlets were going through manual work. The previous software had already provides excellent Point of Sale system for each outlet but, unfortunately, the system was not connected to the headquarter (HQ). Sales from outlets needed to be manually extracted from the software before it was manually sent via email to HQ. And then, personnel in HQ manually collected each email and manually, again, summarized them before report could be generated. Another major drawback was for incoming and outgoing transaction of goods. Each transaction needed to be manually synchronized between HQ and outlets. The process obviously was troublesome and time consuming.




Brand new software is, then, introduced. Not only synchronization of data is made automatic, data consolidation is also made easier and faster. The new software introduces real time inventory check. Due to real time data update across all outlets and HQ, real time validation of stocks is in its best practice. Operator can monitor current available stocks and the system can notify when stocks being sent does not match on-hand stock.

Beside real time availability of data, the system also implements scheduling process for data retrieval from outlets. On a scheduled period, data is being sent automatically from outlets to HQ without the need of human touch. The result is significant. When outlets forget to send data to HQ, the system has got their back. At the same time, HQ is always updated with the latest data.

Stock movement is also controlled by HQ after implementing the new software. Outlets and distribution center are not allowed to send goods without instruction from HQ. This process is managed by software which makes managing few thousands of items never been tidier.



Not only we offer implementation of software that is using new technology which is more scalable but we also consider its relevancy to our client’s unique business process. We aim to give more values by using our service and thus, particularly for this case, we are proud to gain trust in orchestrating relevant technology advancement, business process reengineering, and overall business automation from our client.


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