Machine Learning : Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, as any kind of learning, is a 2-step process :
1. Training is when your machine learns as you give the training. (like when you study at home)
2. Performing is when your machine performs and give output as how you trained it. (like when you go to exam)


We have prepared a machine for you. This machine has ability to learn and perform what is it trained for. You can try it. Give the machine enough sample data so it can recognize certain pattern (e.g hand gesture). By giving different sets of data, you could see the machine behaving differently against each pattern.


See it in action where you can teach a machine yourself.

Click below picture for Machine Learning Simulation

machine learning artificial intelligence technology


Or you may want to see a quick preview on how we train a machine using the Machine Learning Simulation.
It learns different kind of hand gesture to turn on different lights.
After a little training by clicking and holding each training button, the machine would recognize different hand gesture.
machine learning artificial intelligence

We recommend that you try this machine learning simulation by clicking the brain image above.