Technology Management Missing Needs

puzzle2Running a growing business needs domain expertise for each function that supports the business, such as different administrator for servers, networks, digital marketing, etc. It is more economically suitable to hire servicing companies that already are expert on their domain rather than investing on technical employee recruitment and training. As the number of servicing companies are involved in an organization, good management is inevitably required to make sure what they are doing is aligned with the business strategy.

Our service provides your organization a management role for tech-related domain expertise from many servicing companies to work together toward organization’s goal. Beside maintaining relation and managing the companies, we also apply internal management for technology resources that your organization has invested, such as computers, servers, cables, CCTV, etc.


Our client

Before realizing the need of technology management, our client approached us to complete an ongoing ecommerce project. The project has been abandoned due to insufficient technological resources. We quickly study the requirement and found out that many important features such as payment integration, product search, and others are not in place.

A more thorough study is conducted to understand our client further. The result was a conclusion that there were at least four external tech-related servicing companies that our client has hired: server administration, website development, CCTV provider, and ERP provider. These companies focus on their service but, unfortunately, there is no one in the organization who manages and supervises their work. It is such a waste investing in expensive technology and tech companies while no one is managing them well to bring returned benefit.




Our solution

Broader than only an ecommerce project implementation, our client welcomed us open-handedly after our explanation on the problem they are facing. They realized the need of technology management for their organization and trust us to conduct the role.

Starting from day one, we reignite all pending projects, break them down to actionable plan, and communicate the plan to be executed by the servicing companies. We also provide direction on good recruitment for IT department personnel who will oversee day-to-day internal activities and troubleshoot technical problems.


The resultpeopleConnected

In less than one year, the 2-year abandoned ecommerce project is implemented with full feature and the website is live under strict supervision in terms of maintenance and technical support. Other projects are also well managed not only for the sake of getting them done, but for projects priorities toward the business strategy that we have already discussed from our client.

Our client could testify that their networks across branches are integrated, servers are administered optimally, and communication to servicing companies has never been more open and effective. Furthermore, tech infrastructure such as internet is economically optimized, software and project implementation is well intertwined with user needs, and hardware is maintained regularly.



Our holistic technology management solution applies the need that you might not realize before. It is not only the hardware or software that needs to be maintained but we also maintain good relation with tech-related servicing companies on your behalf. At the same time, we advise conducting screening and interview for tech personnel recruitment for your organization because knowledge transfer is absolutely necessary. Lastly, all those works are prioritized based on predefined business strategy.


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